How to wear a suit in hot weather

When it comes to tailors in Bangkok, it is important to find someone with fabrics that are breathable and allow airflow due to the heat in Thailand. Meaning that you will be needing the best summer fabrics that bring comfort to your suit. Here are some of the best fabrics for hotter weather:



Although wool is usually associated with countries with cooler seasons; this is a common misconception as it really depends on the weaves of the wool. Fabric technology has made wool lighter, more breathable, durable, elastic, non-allergic and even biodegradable. These features increase wools versatility for different seasons.


For breathable fabric, it is essential that properties such as absorbency, drape, dry cleaning, comfortable and long-lasting fiber strength are apparent for style and comfort. Cotton is great with these qualities, making it the best material for summer clothing.


Silky, soft cashmere is well-loved by most women in the summer season. It’s lightweight feel and soothing touch is relaxing, luxurious, and comfortable. Because it is so rare, it is a highly demanded fabric.


Linen is the ultimate breathable fabric for summer while also allowing great comfort with its natural heat-regulating properties. Linen at a high quality can be breatheable, durable as well as elastic with high absorbency. It is quite easy to maintain and is resistant to damage. Because linen absorbs water without feeling damp, heat is transferred away from the body, leaving a cool, dry touch. Because linen has a slightly wrinkled look, it’s a charming, lazy day look and will match a nice, summer day. Linen only gets softer with time.

Organic Fabrics

Other fabrics like hemp can also offer excellent wear as well as breathability. Natural fibers can handly all natural degrading properties of weather or water. So it will be easy to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed summer with high-quality and airy fabrics from an amazing top notch tailor.

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